Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is really important to us, and we understand how important it
is to you. Our aim is to be as clear and open as possible about what we do
and why we do it. We are committed to the online privacy of all our users. 

This Privacy Policy regulates the use by us and its partner companies of the
information you provide when using winesandmoreonline  websites. It is to be
read together with the terms and conditions of use of the website. 

We run this site in order to promote products and services and, where these
are provided by our partners, to be the link between our customers and our
partners. Our partners may have their own privacy policies which you should
also look at. 

Where we talk about an order in this policy, this can mean an order for
goods or services, registration on a site, an application for a quotation or
application for a product or service or the opening of an account. 

Information We Collect

To be able to order from us we have to collect certain information from you.
As part of this, you are required to give your contact information. We use
the information given to us by you to provide the service you request from
us in the way that is set out in this privacy policy. You can change your
registration details easily through the account facilities available on the
website or by getting in touch with us 

User name and password - if we collect a user name and password, this is so
we can keep your information safe and so that we can have your information
to hand each time you visit us. 

Name, address and postcode - without this we won't know where to send your
order or to whom. We also use postcodes to quickly get your full address to
save you typing it out, and in some cases to identify whether we deliver or
offer services in your area. 

Age / date of birth - we may need to collect your age or date of birth in
order to be able to sell you certain products , and we may also use this to
send you age or birthday related offers if you agree. 

Email address - we send a confirmation of your orders via email. 

Telephone numbers - if there are any problems with your order or we need to
check anything, we need to be able to contact you quickly. 

Payment card number, expiry date, issue no and name of card holder - when
you purchase a product or service we need these details so we can collect
payment in the same way as when we take payment in a store via chip and pin.

Who We Share The Information With

We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third

Keeping your information secure - to help us keep your information
confidential you should: 

1.        Keep your password secret.
2.        Never distribute the website addresses for pages that you have
looked at while logged in as a registered customer.

Password - you should choose a password that is not obvious or known to
anyone else. You should never give a third party your password, as you will
be responsible for all activity and charges incurred through use of your
password whether authorised by you or not. 

If you forget your password, you can request a new password, which will be
emailed to the address we hold for you. You can change your password anytime
through the account facilities on the website. Should we think that there is
likely to be, or has been any breach of security, we may change your
password and notify you of the change by email.