MOMMESSIN - Renovatio Rose

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MOMMESSIN - Renovatio Rose


Grape: Gammay.

This is a deferent rose wine, from France Beaujolais style, fruity but dry. Enjoyable taste and crisp on the palate.

This wine is the newest Burgundy appellation, created in 2011, with a name that evokes a terroir and an expertise; a wine which allows consumers to gain access to high-quality pure Burgundy wine at a modest price. It offers the wine-lover the joy of discovery, the pleasure of tasting and comparing and the opportunity to learn more about this famous region. As Gaston Roupnel would say, this new Burgundy appellation will succeed "allowing the wine-loving world to drink the health of France! ».A regional appellation, made principally from Gamay grapes, our Coteaux Bourguignons can be produced from vineyards throughout the Greater Burgundy area. It becomes the 101st appellation in Burgundy.

Food pairing:

Poultry, Matured Cheese, Pasta, Salads, Fish.