Marchese di Villamarina Alghero D.O.C.

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Tre Bicchieri Award
From the Marchese di Villamarina single vineyard on the Sella & Mosca estate. Vines were initially planted in this vineyard in the late 1950s. Replanting is being conducted in gradual stages, so as to maintain the overall longevity of these vines. The soil is rich in iron, clay and sand from the pre-historic era.
Winner of the coveted Tre Bicchieri award, Italian wines' highest honor 
Deep garnet, with a cherry, pepper, tobacco and coffee nose. Produced only in top vintages, the character of the Cabernet takes on a distinctly Mediterranean slant, from the breadth and intensity of its aromas to the warmth and fullness of the highly complex palate.for 12 of the last 15 vintage releases.